with each passing year it is our joy to welcome new guests,

as well as grow relationships with our Loyal seasonal members.

We are looking forward to our fourth season here at the Woods! Our mission of “Treading Lightly, Sharing Warmly” is at the heart of all we do.  It is so important that we treat our environment and each other with great respect. Enjoy nature, make memories, and leave no trace.

Enjoying solitude is important to finding inner peace, but sharing with others is essential to finding true happiness!

We continue to share this special place, this peaceful place, where you can nurture the body, mind and spirit.

Treading Lightly, Sharing Warmly.

- Jack and Debbie Smith
  Owners of The Woods


Our Mission

The Woods seeks to share an experience! The opportunity to recharge and reconnect is here, with the Canadian Shield under us, and the stars above.  Our care and service will ensure that you feel at home, whether you are staying a week or an entire summer, as part of a likeminded community.


We invite you to come find your place in The Woods!


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